Create AI Art on Your Phone with This Free Android App

Want to explore the exciting world of AI-based image generation beyond just computers? With the right app, anyone can now create stunning AI art on an Android smartphone or tablet!

Meet monAI, a noteworthy app that unleashes your creativity by providing a wide range of alternative models and user-configurable parameters to produce truly unique images.

About monAI App:

This is a free app for Android devices that lets you make stunning works of AI art using text and images. Enter any prompt, such as “steampunk captain” or “puppy riding a bike,” and then choose from a variety of art styles, such as anime, photorealism, or digital painting, to illustrate it.

Impressively, monAI generates your artwork in a matter of seconds using Stable Diffusion, the latest advanced AI technology.

monAI Android App

You can also start with a photo or drawing and tell the AI to create your desired image. If needed, you can use negative prompts to remove unwanted elements or make fine adjustments to your images.

The Android app also allows you to adjust secondary values like intensity or the number of steps, giving you precise control over the image creation process. This way, you can achieve the specific artistic output you desire.

The ability to set the output resolution of the AI art generator is another one of its cool features. This makes sure that the final product is suitable for the intended purpose, be it online sharing, printing, or something else entirely.


It’s worth mentioning that MonAI is very much like Midjourney, but with a freemium model.

The app has seen a grand reception in its early access, with over 10,000 downloads already. At the time of writing, the most recent release is 1.0.325-release (June 16, 2023).

Key Features :

  • Lets you create AI art from text and photos.
  • You can enter any prompt and choose from different styles.
  • Advanced customization options and 15 different image generation models to explore.
  • Generates art in seconds powered by Stable Diffusion AI technology.
  • Use photos or drawings as a starting point for image generation.
  • Fine-tune your images with negative prompts and parameter calibration.
  • Control intensity and the number of steps for precise artistic output.
  • Choose from different image sizes for wallpapers or social media sharing.
  • Free app with similar features to Midjourney.

AI Art Generation with monAI App


Download the monAI: AI Art Generator app by visiting this Google Play Store page.

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