Bloons TD 6 Base Game PC version, worth $13.99, is now free

Bloons TD 6 is a popular tower-defense game made by Ninja Kiwi. Players must construct and maintain defensive structures to withstand waves of enemy “bloons” that advance along predetermined paths on the game board.

To stop the bloons from reaching the goal, players can set up towers of various kinds, each with its own special attacks and defenses. Multiple game modes and levels, as well as tower upgrades and customization options, are available in this game.

The PC version of Bloons TD 6 (usually priced at $13.99) is now offered for free on the Epic Games Store. This offer is valid for a week or until August 10, 2023.

Grab the game by visiting this Epic Games Store page:

About Bloons TD 6:


Bloons TD 6

As opposed to the 2D viewpoint of the previous games in the series, we play this one in a full 2.5D environment.

The game’s 3D computer graphics allow for new features, such as obstacles that can block the view of many monkeys, that were not possible in previous games.

The objective of the game is to prevent the enemy balloons, called “Bloons,” from reaching the exit by constructing a defense using monkeys, such as the Dart Monkey, and other structures and traps.

Each round features a fixed group of Bloons, some of which will have unique abilities that make them easier to destroy than others, depending on your defenses. Money is gained from popping Bloons and can be spent on new monkeys or upgrades for the ones already in place to bolster the defense.

Create the optimal defense using a wide variety of upgrades, heroes, and activated abilities, and then pop every invading Bloon!

Jump in with the millions of others who have found the game’s massive and ever-expanding list of features to be what makes it the best strategy game available.

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