Black Book and Dodo Peak Now Free on Epic Games Store

We know the Epic Games Store for its weekly giveaways of free games to its users. This week, the store is offering two indie games for free: Black Book and Dodo Peak.

You can get these games for free download until August 24 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Once you have them, you can always access them whenever you want.

Black Book- A Dark Fantasy Card-Based RPG

This is a dark RPG adventure game developed by Matryoshka and published by HypeTrain Digital. The game combines adventure elements with a card-based RPG and is based on Slavic folktales. Players take on the role of a young sorceress, who must battle evil forces using a demonic flock to uncover secrets hidden in darkness.

Notable Aspects:

  •  A mix of card-based combat and adventure gameplay
  • The world influenced by Slavic folklore, full of atmosphere
  • Memorable characters add to the experience
  • A rewarding challenge awaits

Dodo Peak – A Colorful Retro Platformer

This is a fun and colourful retro-platformer game developed and published by Moving Pieces Interactive. Players take on the role of a dodo bird trying to save its babies from various animals that want to eat them.

The PC game features coin collection, power-ups, dodging sneaky snakes, avoiding malevolent monkeys, and striving for the best time across a variety of handcrafted islands. As your pack grows, so does the challenge of bringing them home.

Notable Points:

  •  Delightful and fanciful art design
  • Engaging and compelling gameplay cycle
  • Various levels to discover
  • -Unlockable hidden conclusion

Which game should you get?

The best game for you will depend on your personal preferences. If you enjoy card-based games and dark fantasy, then the Black Book is a brilliant choice. If you prefer platformers and colourful worlds, then Dodo Peak is a good option.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the key differences between the two games:

Feature Black Book Dodo Peak
Genre Card-based RPG Platformer
Setting Slavic folklore Fantasy world
Gameplay Collect cards to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and explore the world. Jump, dodge obstacles, and collect coins to reach the top of each peak.
Art style Dark and atmospheric Charming and whimsical
Difficulty Challenging Moderate
Length 15-20 hours 5-10 hours

Head over to the Epic Games Store today and claim your free games!

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